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We are building a community of charitable influencers and change-makers.

How the Wallet works

Fill your Kindly Wallet with funds and select your favorite causes to support, then watch the Kindly volunteer community double your impact with matching funds and valuable service in the community.

About Kindly

Kindly is a platform for the next generation of doers and givers. Our technology and model makes it easy to give back with your time and donations, unlocking the true giving capacity within our communities.

Changing Philanthropy

Modern donors are seeking a deeper connection to their giving, and Kindly delivers. By linking your Kindly Wallet to community action, you not only activate service hours, but you inspire the next generation to match your gift.

Access our network

Use some (or all) of your funds to discover new organizations in your neighborhood and beyond. Broaden your charitable impact by program area and ten other Kindly Wallet options.